Representations of Animals in the Neighbourhood

In this blog I’m featuring photographs I’ve taken of animals whilst walking in my local neighbourhood. The selection spans both representations of animals and real living creatures, and is chosen from images taken over the past year. I had a recent surprise encounter with a camel in Kentish Town. I was walking down a side … Read more

Autumn Leaves, Sculpture and other juxtapositions

I like seeing how sculpture interacts with the environment. ¬†The following two images were taken on a trip to Japan a couple of years ago. The first was taken in Hiroshima. A mother and child; the mother’s hair flowing behind her. They seem to be perched on a crescent moon, and are surrounded by an … Read more

illusions at night

I was in West Hampstead the other night when I came across what looked the the silhouette of a resting camel; it was in fact a peeling concrete wall … The picture below was taken last week In Leather Lane near Hatton Garden And I was drawn to photograph this crushed can the other night … Read more