Hot Days and Hand Fans

Nowadays in addition to carrying my red metal water bottle I make sure I have a little folding paper fan with me. Although it doesn’t help that much on the hot, airless carriages of London Underground I am usually grateful for the relief this simple classic device provides. I’ve always like the look of fans; … Read more

Mannequins and Street Photography – some new images

Abstract photo with mannequin head, NYC

I’ve posted several blogs in the last few years featuring images I’ve taken of mannequins. I’ve been drawn to photographing mannequins for a number of reasons. In terms of representation I like the ambiguity;  a human, yet not a human. I like the fact they can range from quasi-lifelike to grotesque and non-naturalistic. I like … Read more


This week I’ve been thinking a lot about warning signs and particularly signs of danger and our relationship to these signs. Which signs do I notice or pay attention to?  This has come about for a couple of reasons. A few days ago a good friend remarked she was surprised that I didn’t include any … Read more

Let it all hang out: observations on washing & identity

I take a lot of pictures of building facades and over the years some of these have been because of the juxtaposition of the architecture with the personal  artefacts displayed. On a recent trip to Venice my eye was drawn to what seemed a quite surreal combination of an old weather-beaten apartment and professional, ultra-modern … Read more

hamsa and the representation of hands in graffiti

Over the years I’ve photographed representations of hands in graffiti. I often associate the icon of a hand with the hamsa – the middle eastern symbol of protection, usually represented as an open palm with and expended middle finger, with the thumb and little finger sometimes curving outwards, Both Judaism and Islam uses this icon … Read more

the eyes have it …

Here are some photos I’ve taken that combine graffiti or advertising imagery with an outdoor natural setting. The faces all have striking blue or green eyes. The first two images were shot in Ibiza:   A surreal distortion – I think I saw this in London’s Westbourne Grove during carnival: The photo below was taken … Read more

child mannequins

I posted the other day about mannequins – I’m intrigued by their surreal, ambiguous quality. Child mannequins are often particularly “strange”. Here’s one I took today; it (I’m uncertain about its intended age and gender) struck me as odd partly because of the false eyelashes and closed mouth grin: The next two were taken in … Read more