Vapour trails and smoky images

I’ve recently returned from a brief visit to Paris where I witnessed the final hours of the Tour de France. At one point some jet planes flew past, too fast for me to see but leaving a trail of blue, white and red vapour. I am assuming these are the colours of the French flag … Read more

Beauty in Regents Park

I popped into London’s Regents Park this week and took some photographs. One of the blooms that really caught my eye was the wisteria in Queen Mary’s Garden which had the cascading waterfall behind it: I also liked the ferns – I think I’m more aware of their graphic quality now having seen Karl Blossfeldt’s … Read more

winter abstracts

Here are a couple of new images; playing around with the idea of found decorative patterns both in nature and aspects of architecture together with condensation. I like the layering effect and illusion this creates … In the next image, also taken last week, the patterns in the peeling wood create a natural abstract … there’s … Read more