Sculpture, fragments and foliage

This week I took some close ups of sculptures near the Tate Modern; I also liked the bright yellow of the autumn leaves just seen in the background. The artist is Emily Young: Here are a couple of other images I’ve taken where sculpture and foliage interplay:   In the next picture I was drawn … Read more

Windsor Castle reflected, and a surreal tree trunk…

It was grey and grim all day and then the sun came out. Here’s a shot of Windsor Castle reflected on the flooded grass. I’ve cropped it so the proportions are reminiscent of a type of Venetian narrative painting (well, at least to me!). ┬áThe next picture is more of a contemporary abstract with a … Read more

Painterly Landscapes

Walking along Windsor’s Long Walk yesterday at sunset I took a series of images of the flooded grass. I’ve taken quite a few flood-related images over the past couple of weeks, but this was the first time at sunset. I was crouching down (quite a usual position for me when I photograph!) when a woman … Read more