Life in Death: Emerging from Winter to Encounters with Buds & Florals

The other Thursday the weather was crisp and dry so I decided to seize the day and pop into Kew Gardens. ┬áHere are a series of pictures I took of buds against the dappled light; I think they are pussy willows:     Here’s a landscape format version where the diagonals suggest to me a … Read more

Sculpture, fragments and foliage

This week I took some close ups of sculptures near the Tate Modern; I also liked the bright yellow of the autumn leaves just seen in the background. The artist is Emily Young: Here are a couple of other images I’ve taken where sculpture and foliage interplay:   In the next picture I was drawn … Read more

nature and sculpture in London

I was walking in Hampstead Heath yesterday when I saw a heron in the middle of one of the algae-covered ponds, standing completely still and immobile. It was so still for so long that at one point my initial excitement turned to disappointment as I wondered if it was a new sculpture installation that I … Read more