Behind the Scenes with The London Lucumi Choir – 2022 update

The London Lucumi Choir, directed by musician Daniela Rosselson de Armas, has undergone some changes since the onset of the Pandemic. Over the past year with the easing of lockdown restrictions a smaller group of singers with a range of voices, affectionately known as Korito Lucumi, has been established to meet up regularly and online with the aim of recording a new album and doing some live performances.

I am happy to be part of the Korito; I’ve been singing with choir since 2007 and documenting behind the scenes with whatever piques my interest, rather than a particular agenda.

Here are some images from rehearsals and recording sessions dating from May 2021 to late June 2022.

Liz Gre, Sonia Kounasso & Jennyfer Parnasse, May 2021

Percussionist Patrick’s birthday. Rehearsal in Highgate Woods, 2021

Still Life – Shekere and Daniela’s colour-coordinated foot
Jimena Pardo at rehearsal, May 2022
Rehearsal, May 2022 featuring Daniela’s hands, Sonia and Michelle Brillouet

Below, some photos from a recording session at Map Studios, Kentish Town, June 2022:

Michelle leading a warm-up

Dan and Bob

Above, my son Dan Greifer who has been singing in the choir since he was a teenager.

Portrait of Liz Gre

Last week we had another recording session at The Premises in Hackney; the following images were taken during the day.

Selfie with Dan and Sonia

Sam Mercer practicing his lead solo
Singers’ shadows in the recording studio
Recording Engineer Curtis Elvidge at the Mixing Desk
Dan, Sonia & Daniela chatting to Curtis

As part of this recording project we are collaborating with musicians Ajibola from Trinidad and Tobago, who we have had sessions with on zoom, and Ricardo Axé from Brazil, currently residing in Brighton, who came to the studio. Below, a photograph of Dan, myself, Sonia and Ricardo taken Ricardo on self-timer:

More fun in the waiting room


Daniela’s London Lucumi Choir director’s blog

Future gigs: Invited to perform with Bomba Estereo, Somerset House, Sunday 10 July

Performing as part of The Whitechapel Gallery’s Nocturnal Creatures July 23, 2022 @ 7pm, Aldgate Square

Listen to the Choir on Bandcamp

Behind the Scenes with the London Lucumi Choir portfolio on this website

Ajibola’s Facebook page

Ricardo Axé’s website

Liz Gre’s website

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