Eyes Around Town

Over the years I’ve blogged on the subject of eyes in photography, most recently on the themes of eyeliner and as well as the phenomenon known as eye-bombing. In this piece I’m featuring a series of photographs taken in the last 18 months where the eye has been the source of inspiration. Most of the … Read more

Defaced Posters: Eye-Gouging and Oedipus

I take many photos where the representation of eyes are a key element. Indeed I have blogged about this theme on several occasions. Usually, the eyes I am drawn to are all-seeing and observant. Sometimes it is a single eye, a fragment of a torn or folded poster. It has also been a mystic 3rd … Read more

Fragments of New York: focus on the eye

Looking back at the images I took in New York in May and thinking about some of the themes that emerge, I’m aware that there is a series where my attention has been drawn to one eye. Below is a found street abstract comprised of torn poster layers and glue residue. Over the years I’ve … Read more