In the last few months I’ve been increasingly drawn to looking at the way the sun illuminates objects, noticing light and shade. Maybe this is because I’ve been regularly life drawing and painting, in natural light when possible. There’s also a desire to seize the warmth and colour of sunlight, to balance out the grey, monochromatic days we’ve been getting recently.

Here’s a picture I took at the end of September in Monopoli, Italy:

Last week I revisited Kew Gardens and took pictures of some of the last vestiges of autumn. In the picture below a few fiery orange leaves are still attached to the otherwise bare branches:

A lone golden yellow leaf is hanging on in there:

Abstract nature:

Nature and sculpture are reflected in water:

The following two images fuse architecture with nature. I like the way Kew Palace is emblazoned in orange hues:


Below the Victorian Palm House is seen also in reflection as the sun going down. I took lots of versions of this, including cell phone shots, one of which features on my Instagram feed @mishaminoff and which exclusively features images I take with my phone,  I do sometimes find myself doubling up – phone and camera  – something to discuss in another blog piece!

The next image is an abstract architectural shot taken in North London as the setting sun was hitting a sloping roof:

Finally a photo taken in Soho last week and features some endearing (to me) graffiti on a metal panel; the dusk glow reflected.


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  1. Precious photos. I’m also drawn to the many aspects of play of light and shadow on or through things. It’s kind of magical!


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