Life in Death: Emerging from Winter to Encounters with Buds & Florals

The other Thursday the weather was crisp and dry so I decided to seize the day and pop into Kew Gardens.  Here are a series of pictures I took of buds against the dappled light; I think they are pussy willows:



Here’s a landscape format version where the diagonals suggest to me a monochromatic abstract expressionist painting:


Next are some photos I took at the stunning current installation on show at Kew entitled  Life in Death by artist Rebecca Louise Law which is on till late March. Her artwork embodies themes of transience and the ephemeral, which are areas that interest me. Her work is also very beautiful; this large scale installation is an intricate display made from Law’s personal collection of plants and flowers, dried and preserved over a six year period:


I saw this young stylish woman whose floral head scarf topped with a lilac pink bow and retro shaggy coat looked fabulous in the setting so asked if I could take her picture. Her name is Farzana:



Farzana’s earrings are delicate, pretty pink flowers . Back outside there are signs of spring as exemplified by this pink dog rose:

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