Seeing Via Wing & Rear View Mirrors

Yesterday on my way home I saw a leafy tree reflected in a scooter’s wing mirror.  I liked the surreal, abstract quality of this image of my neighbourhood street so I stopped to try and capture what I saw with my iPhone: I started recalling other images I’d taken involving vehicle mirrors and remembered a … Read more

My dad before I knew him

In today’s Guardian newspaper I was reading an article in the Books section in which writers, inspired by Carol Ann Duffy’s poem Before You Were Mine, reflect on photographs of their mothers before they were born. This is connected to the theme of Mother’s Day which happens to fall tomorrow, Sunday March 6. March 6 … Read more

Purim & Fancy dress photos from my archives

Today is the Jewish festival of Purim which has origins in Persia. I always liked this festival as it is traditionally celebrated by dressing up and eating special foods. Plus my grandparents were all Persian Jews so there was an added connection. In the first photo I am (second from the right) dressed up as … Read more

Melancholy graffiti in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is full of vibrant graffiti including striking stencil graffiti and hebrew text. However amongst all of this I started noticing some naive childlike scratchings – a bit like a non-smiley emoticon with or without an armless body – in many locations over the the city. Here are some of them. I also came … Read more

deep messages: text and nature

Came across this cry for help on a tree in Jerusalem the other day.  The dash in G-d is common practice in orthodox Judaism. The custom of substituting the word “God” with G-d in English is based on the traditional practice in Jewish law of giving God’s Hebrew name a high degree of respect and reverence. … Read more