street abstracts and vehicles

A friend of mine posted an Instagram picture today of a supermarket delivery van decorated with artwork created by a child and it reminded me that over the years I’ve been photographing vehicles with designs and settings that have caught my eye. Here are a few of them. A highly decorated London supermarket delivery van … Read more

designs on food and drink

I’ve always been attracted to exotic signs and designs on labels and other forms of advertising – for example my previous post on Icons and signs focusses on exotic femininity and “others”. Here are some images I’ve taken recently. The first is of bottle of sak√© seen in London’s Soho. It is not label but … Read more

Icons and signs: exotic femininity and “others”

The other day I was in a tapas restaurant In London and saw a bottle with a fab label in their fridge. I had to photograph it (the arms are distorted but I wanted to keep the entire fan rather than crop the image) Here’s another sherry gypsy, a bit “Carmenesque”:   The image above … Read more