Fragments of New York: focus on the eye

Looking back at the images I took in New York in May and thinking about some of the themes that emerge, I’m aware that there is a series where my attention has been drawn to one eye. Below is a found street abstract comprised of torn poster layers and glue residue. Over the years I’ve … Read more

Snapshots of Turin

I was in Turin, Italy, last weekend on a very brief visit. I didn’t have a lot of time to roam and wander but managed to take a few shots of things that grabbed my attention. At Piazza Della Repubblica preparations were taking place for the impending White Night Festival, Notte Bianca. ┬áIn the picture … Read more

Venetian abstracts

I came across these colourful architectural facades – unusually bright for Venice – on my visit last weekend: The next two images are windows on the city, partly obscured by curtains and shutters: And I really liked the abstract effect created by layers of torn posters, with the face at the centre still legible: