Mannequin Hands: Gesture, Surrealism and Damage

I was in Paris for a couple of days to attend the opening of the Women Street Photographers exhibition at 59 Rivoli Gallery. As I was walking back to Gare du Nord to catch my Eurostar train, I noticed the mannequin hand in a men’s clothing store. Three fingers were broken, and just the thumb … Read more

Some Portraits of Adults with their Childhood Attachments

I have previously blogged on the theme of images of transient attachments. In this update I am focussing on portraits of adults who still have their childhood attachments. The photograph below was taken when I accompanied my friend Jodie to a hospital appointment and was surprised and moved when I found out she’d also brought … Read more

street abstracts: torn and folded

Over the years I have photographed many torn posters and adverts, peeling walls and glue glyphs. I like the layers, textures and fragmented altered imagery. Recently I was waiting at a bus stop in Kentish Town standing by a billboard and took a few versions of the photograph below. The wind was blowing and folded … Read more

Changing Views: one whole year completed

I have now completed a whole year of my Changing Views project, which I started in October 2016, and which took me up to October 2017.   October 2016:   21 September 2017:     October 2017:   See the project here:

Now you see it, now you don’t … ephemeral images in London

A few weeks ago I photographed some graffiti I’d seen in Central London.  A colourful, menacing clown had been introduced onto a wall featuring an advertising image of professional cyclists. A couple of days later I found myself in the same street with my husband, a keen cyclist.  I wanted to show him that juxtaposition … Read more

Dalia: the older the violin the sweeter the music

It was my mother’s 80th birthday this week. A former ballerina, Dalia still keeps fit and goes to the gym several times a week. A few days ago I posted a short video to Facebook where I filmed her dancing at her birthday tea party which was viewed to a quasi-viral level; her glamour and … Read more

9 Months into my project on Changing Views

I’ve been photographing a particular view – the view out my kitchen window – for the past nine months. I started in mid October 2016, at the height of Autumn and intend to carry on for a complete year. Beyond using the same camera and lens there is no rule or methodology.  The inspiration is a particular … Read more

Fragments of New York: focus on the eye

Looking back at the images I took in New York in May and thinking about some of the themes that emerge, I’m aware that there is a series where my attention has been drawn to one eye. Below is a found street abstract comprised of torn poster layers and glue residue. Over the years I’ve … Read more

New project: Changing Views

I’ve been photographing a particular view – the view out my  kitchen window – for the past six months. I started in mid October 2016, at the height of Autumn. Here are a few of images from the project: Check out the Changing Views project here: