Matching Clothes

One of the strands in my work involves images where people and their outfits match in a number of ways. This can be divided into subgroups – either consciously with each other, or coincidentally with the environment. There’s another category where individuals accessorise objects external to them, such as suitcases, to match their look. I … Read more

Light and Love: a personal take on decorative lights

Today is the last day of the Jewish festival of light, Chanukah, (sometimes spelled Hannukah) which lasts 8 days and which this year coincided with Christmas. The Hebrew calendar is based on lunar cycles, so the dates of festivals vary slightly each year against the Gregorian calendar. The picture below is a scanned photograph of … Read more

On Sonia Delaunay, Simultanism and Coincidence

I went to see the Sonia Delaunay exhibition at the Tate Modern and have to say that for me  it was the most enjoyable exhibition I’d seen for a while. I especially like her early work which features in the first few rooms as the exhibition is chronological. I seem to be particularly drawn to … Read more

nature and sculpture in London

I was walking in Hampstead Heath yesterday when I saw a heron in the middle of one of the algae-covered ponds, standing completely still and immobile. It was so still for so long that at one point my initial excitement turned to disappointment as I wondered if it was a new sculpture installation that I … Read more


Last week I posted an image in “seeing patterns at the V&A” which included a camouflage patterned tree trunk. I thought I’d bring together a few of my other camouflage oriented images! Here’s another abstract from the V&A series: A torn poster abstract which suggests camouflage: Some more images featuring camouflage tree trunks – can you … Read more